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Ag Science

The Agriculture Academy utilizes a three-part model, including: membership in the National FFA Organization, a Supervised Agricultural Experience, and Classroom/Laboratory Instruction.

The FFA is a dynamic youth organization that changes lives and prepares members for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.

Supervised Agricultural Experiences are individual projects that supplement classroom/laboratory instruction and the FFA. These are student-created projects. Examples can include getting a job, starting your own business, a research project, or everything in between.

The Classroom/laboratory work will be done in the classroom, shop, greenhouse, around the school, and much more.

Teachers & Contact Info:







Course Progression:

Introduction to Agriscience

Agriculture and Natural Resources I (Ag 1)

Agriculture and Natural Resources II (Ag 2)

Agricultural Leadership (can be taken at anytime)

Graphic Design

This academy provides a graphic design educational structure that leads toward a graphic design screen printing t-shirt business and entrepreneurial experience.

Teacher: Jennifer Green


Course Progression:

9th Grade Graphic Design I/Drawing

10th Grade Web Design

11th Grade Graphic Design 2/Photography

12th Grade Entrepreneurship (Screen Printing)



Health Science-Nursing

Health Sciences is a pathway of courses for students in the Health Sciences career cluster. The Health Sciences pathway includes classroom and hands-on experiences that will provide students with an overview of the health-care field, as outlined according to the Health Science Cluster in the National Career Clusters Framework and the National Consortium on Health Science Education (NCHSE), as well as begin to prepare students for careers in occupations predicted to have a high number of available jobs in the next 10 years, including careers in nursing services, therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health informatics, veterinary services, medical services, emergency services, rehabilitative services counselors, pharmacists, mental health services.

Teachers & Contact Info:

Sorena Vinson (Department Head)


Holly, and



Course Progression:

Health Sciences Core I (9th grade)

Course Orientation and Professional Organizations

Safety and Infection Control

Health Care Systems, Legal and Ethical Practices

Communication and Teamwork 5 Body Organization, Covering, Support, and Movement

Health Sciences Core II (10th grade)

Vital Organs and Protection

Intake and Elimination

Control, Regulation, and Coordination

Reproduction, and Health Maintenance Practices

Healthcare and Clinical Services I (11th grade)

Course Orientation, Safety Review, Clinical Policies, and Employability

Emergency Services and Technical Skills

Human Growth and Development

Rehabilitative Services

Healthcare and Clinical Services II (12th grade)

Medical and Nursing Services

Therapeutic Services

Pharmacological and Diagnostic Services

Information Technology, and Health Informatics

Health Science-Sports Medicine


The Sports Medicine Academy is one of the two routes, students in the Health Science Academy may choose. This route is for Juniors and Seniors who wish to explore careers in the field of Sports Medicine.The Sports Medicine career pathway focuses on the aspects of the prevention and care of sports injuries. Students will learn the importance of prevention, evaluation, acute treatment, and therapeutic care related to injuries in sports. Students will learn about the types of injuries that can occur and also be introduced to the emergency services associated with injuries in sports.

The program offers students the opportunity to examine different careers associated with sports medicine along with workplace and employability skills associated with the sports medicine professions.


Justin Traylor




Course Progression:


Health Science Core 1: Course Orientation and Professional Organizations Safety and Infection Control Health Care Systems, Legal and Ethical Practices Communication and Teamwork Body Organization, Covering, Support, and Movement


Health Science Core 2: Vital Organs and Protection Intake and Elimination Control, Regulation, and Coordination Reproduction, and Health Maintenance Practices


Sports Medicine Theory and Application 1 Orientation and Safety The Sports Medicine Team and Health Care Administration Assessment and Evaluation of Injuries and Emergencies Protective Equipment and Techniques Injuries to the Upper and Lower Extremities


Sports Medicine Theory and Application 2 Injuries to the Head, Spine, Chest, and Abdomen Nutrition in Sports Pharmacology and Drugs in Sports Physical Fitness Conditioning and Assessment Therapeutic Rehabilitation and Modalities

Computer Science

Computer Science Academy studies all aspects of computer programming and web development - from the lowest to the highest level.

Teacher: Justin Eaves


Course Progression:

9th Grade - Exploratory Computer Science

10th Grade - AP Computer Science Principles

11th Grade - DC Web and Programming concepts and DC Client Side Programming

12th Grade - DC Database Management and DC Programming in Python

Culinary Arts

The Culinary Arts Academy includes classroom and hands-on experience that will prepare students for employment or continuing education in the foodservice industry. This program was designed to incorporate the National Restaurant Association ProStart learning objectives.


Teacher: Karen Thomas


Course Progression:

9th - Culinary Arts I, Algebra I or Geometry, Academy English, Biology, World History, 3 electives

10th - Culinary Arts II, Math, Academy English, Chemistry, US History, Business Law, 2.5 electives

11th - Culinary Arts III, Math, English, Upper level Science, 4 electives

12th - Culinary Arts IV, Math, English, Upper level Science, Gov/Eco, 3 electives (Work-Based Learning)

***This is a suggested course progression. Student schedules may differ based on individual student needs.****


Digital Media

Digital Media Academy livestreams all athletic events and runs the Jumbotron for home football and soccer games. We maintain athletic social media accounts - including making game day graphics, all purpose graphics, hype videos, etc. Any media that ends up on the athletics social media pages comes from us.


Justin Eaves




Twitter: @BrandonBulldogs



The Brandon High School JROTC "Bulldog Battalion" is committed to running a program of excellence by instilling pride in hard work, a can-do attitude and the satisfaction of being part of a team in all of our Cadets. Our program has enjoyed a long lasting title as an Honor Unit with Distinction. One of the myths often associated with JROTC is that we are a source for recruiting to the military. This is completely a myth in that our mission statement is to "Motivate Young People To Be Better Citizens."

Our program uses national educational accreditation standards and combines challenging outdoor activities with indoor technological resources forcing students to abandon their comfort zones and gain new confidence in their abilities.

Teachers & Contact Info:





Instagram: @brandonjrotc

Course Progression:

LET 1-Freshman

LET 2-Sophomore

LET 3-Junior

LET 4-Senior