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Graphic Design

Course Progression
9th Grade
Culinary Arts I, Algebra I or Geometry, Academy English, Biology, World History, 3 electives

10th Grade
Culinary Arts II, Math, Academy English, Chemistry, US History, Business Law, 2.5 electives
11th Grade
Culinary Arts III, Math, English, Upper level Science, 4 electives
12th Grade
Culinary Arts IV, Math, English, Upper level Science, Gov/Eco, 3 electives (Work-Based Learning)

***This is a suggested course progression. Student schedules may differ based on individual student needs.****

Kids Cooking
Culinary Students

The Culinary Arts Academy includes classroom and hands-on experience that will prepare students for employment or continuing education in the foodservice industry. This program was designed to incorporate the National Restaurant Association ProStart learning objectives.