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Financial Aid Information / FAFSA


Chances are great that you qualify for money for college that you do not have to pay back! But first, you Haf-Ta FAFSA! 

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and 9 out of 10 students who complete it go to college. 

You can fill out your FAFSA at OR you can schedule a private appointment with Get2College at 601-321-5532 or a virtual appointment with BHS in December. 

(Appointments will be made in November for the BHS Dec. virtual FAFSA day)


The next virtual BHS FAFSA day is December 3rd and another one in February 2021. 

Every year, students leave $3 Billion in money for college unclaimed simply because they do not file the FAFSA. Get your share by completing or signing up for an appointment to submit your FAFSA.

Remember, the FAFSA does not obligate you to accept any financial aid for college that you do not want, such as student loans. 

Even better, the FAFSA also helps determine your eligibility for money from the State of Mississippi, some colleges and universities, and even some private scholarship funds. 

If you are planning to attend a Mississippi College or University you will NOT receive MTAG or MESG (free state aid) without completing the FAFSA!

Please let me or your child's counselor know if you have any questions.