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Scholarship Reporting

 Click HERE to access the senior scholarship reporting form.

Please enter ALL scholarship offers (even the ones you are not accepting)!

Seniors and senior parents-

Your scholarship offers will be recognized at the graduation ceremony!  You have worked hard for your offers and we want to recognize your accomplishments....this includes MS financial aid (MTAG, MESG and HELP).  We implement scholarship recognition through different levels.  You will receive a pin to wear on your red stole to symbolize your level.  

Bronze- offers up to $3,000 

Silver- offers up to $30,000

Gold- offers up to $100,000

Platinum- offers over $100,000

You are responsible for reporting your offers through our scholarship reporting form.  

IMPORTANT:  Once you have completed entering your scholarship information, send a copy of the letter you received from the organization or institution to your counselor for verification purposes.

We will pull data from what you enter on this form to assign recognition levels for recognition.

PLEASE enter ALL of your offers...even the ones you are not accepting!