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Senior Information

If you need your transcript sent to a college, please email Mrs. Kelly at:

BHS Class of 2022 Important Information


Go to the college's website where you want to apply and fill out an online application. Most websites will have a “future students” tab or an “admissions” tab that you can click on to find the link to their online application. Most colleges require an application fee and it is typically within the $25-$50 price range. If you receive free/reduced lunch, see your counselor for a college application fee waiver- not all colleges will accept them, but most do.


If you have not had your senior portrait made, please contact Bruckner’s Photography and make an appointment:
Bruckner’s Photography
105 Woodline Drive

Flowood, MS 39232 769-233-8002


Once you graduate from BHS, your student email account will be deactivated. Go ahead and create a new email account that you will use when applying to college and for other things you will need to have access to after you graduate. IMPORTANT- choose a username that is professional- EXAMPLE: instead of First impressions make a BIG difference!


Start working on your high school resume. You will need to give it to anyone that you ask to write you a recommendation letter for jobs, scholarships, etc...


Most collegiate scholarships will honor up to the December ACT, but some use the October ACT as the cutoff for qualifying for their “BIG” scholarships. Make sure you are meeting the correct deadlines by researching that information on the colleges website for the college you are going to attend. You can register to take the ACT at:

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

The application for FAFSA will open on October 1, 2021. Go ahead and look at the site so that you can begin gathering the paperwork you will need when you apply. Almost ALL scholarships you apply for require a completed FAFSA application even if you do not qualify to receive federal funds, so all students should fill out an application. You and your parent/guardian will be able to schedule an appointment with GET2COLLEGE and complete your application with them during our BHS FASA days which are scheduled for October 13 and 14 from 8:00-4:00 each day. The appointment will last approximately 30 minutes. Details for scheduling an appointment will be sent through email soon!

MTAG/MESG (MS Tuition Assistance Grant and MS Eminent Scholars Grant) HELP GRANT (Higher Education Legislative Plan for Needy Students)
The applications will open on October 1, 2021. GET2COLLEGE will help you complete this application at your FAFSA appointment.


This mission of GET2COLLEGE is to provide the best in class college planning services to Mississippi families and educators to help students get to college and be successful there.
2616 Lakeward Drive

Jackson, MS 39216 601-321-5533


GET2COLLEGE provides links to private organizations scholarship applications and is a great resource to use when looking for scholarship opportunities:

Other FREE scholarship search engines are listed below:

Link to scholarship applications posted on the RCSD website: cial-aid/scholarships


The tentative date for graduation is May 17, 2022 at 7:00pm at the Brandon Bulldog Stadium (May 18-20 2022 are inclement weather dates) Please reserve all of these days in your calendar for graduation week when planning trips and other events.


Students graduating with an 85 - 94.9 GPA without rounding will be honor graduates (Example: 85.0 is an honor GPA but an 84.9 is not an honor GPA). These students will wear a silver cord at graduation.
Students with a 95 or higher without rounding will be high honor graduates. (Example: 95.0 is a high honor GPA but a 94.9 is an honor GPA).


AP Distinction-must have at least two AP classes. DC Distinction- must have at least three DC classes. Distinguished Service- must have at least 200 service hours. Service hours must be turned in to Mrs. Moss in the administration office (

TOP 10%

We will recognize the Top 10% of your graduating class at your graduation ceremony in May of 2022. In order to qualify and compete academically for this recognition you must meet the minimum course requirements:

  • ●  Dual Credit Comp I and Comp II
    (or a score on AP Language or AP Lit that will qualify for college credit for these courses)

  • ●  Two Dual Credit math classes
    (or 1 dual credit math class and Calculus/AP Calculus)

  • ●  1 upper level science course (dual credit, AP or Physics)

  • ●  AP World (class of 2022 is exempt from AP World) and AP US History

  • ●  1 additional AP course of your choice

  • ●  In your senior year, you must take an upper level ELA and math/Physics course and you can

    choose between an upper level science or history course.
    NOTE: Please know that Top 10% is not class rank. We will not recognize class rank at the graduation ceremony.


    Requirements and Sponsors. Students that complete requirements will receive a Stole to wear at the graduation ceremony.


    Requirements and Sponsors Students that complete requirements will receive a medal to wear at the graduation ceremony.


    Cap and Gown orders will be placed in November


    Graduation Fee will be due in February-$60