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Top 10% Scholars

Top 10%

TOP 10% of Graduating Class Requirements

We will recognize the Top 10% of your graduating class at your graduation ceremony.  In order to qualify and compete academically for this recognition you must meet the minimum course requirements:

  • Dual Credit Comp I and Comp II
    (or AP Language and AP Literature)

  • Two Advanced level Math classes
    (dual credit, Advanced Math Plus, Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Precalculus)

  • 1 upper level science course
    (dual credit, forensics, genetics, microbiology, physics, AP Biology, AP Statistics, AP Physics, AP Chemistry)

  • AP World History and AP US History

  • 1 additional AP course of your choice

  • In your senior year, you must take an upper level ELA and math/Physics course, and you can choose between an upper level science or history course. Physics cannot count as both math and science upper level course. 

**Exception:  If you are missing only one requirement from the senior year section (last bullet point above) and you have at least- 12 total advanced level courses OR 10 total advanced level courses plus you are an academy/CTE completer then you will still be considered a Top 10% qualifier**