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Vision & Mission

Our Vision 

To provide a High Quality Challenging Education in an environment that builds a sense of community and pride bringing forth the talents and abilities of all indviduals. 

Our Mission

We strive daily to make meaningful connections and build relationships with all students in order to seek to provide an environment where it is safe to share opinions and develop as learners. Progress is monitored through our Connections Initiative, Extra Mile Program, Student/Parent Surveys, and Student Advisory Groups. We truly are Developing Our Gifts to Serve by Going the Extra Mile 


Brandon High School is in the Top 15% of all high schools in Mississippi based on the Mississippi Accountability System

8th Largest School in Mississippi - 1,638 Students

BHS Class of 2018 Scholarship totals -  11.3 Million

95.57% (345 of 362 students) of 2018 Seniors Received Scholarship Monies

Rankin County Scholarship totals - 45.2 Million

4 National Merit Finalists

1 National Merit Commendation

Senior Class Average ACT - 21.1

Caring and supportive staff and clerical - 171

Highly Qualified teachers - 107        

Administrators  -  7

Counselors -  4

Mental Health Therapist - 1

CTE Coordinator - 1

11 Career Technical Programs