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Vision and Mission

Our Vision 

To develop champions in life, our BHS Family challenges all students academically, socially, emotionally, athletically, and in extracurriculars to be trailblazers and ambassadors for their community present and future.  

Our Mission

The BHS Family strives to build and maintain meaningful relationships with all students providing an environment safe to share opinions, challenge one another, and develop as champions.  Students and staff conduct themselves with honor and integrity at all times by being open-minded, supportive, respectful, and inclusive. This produces an environment of competitive excellence pushing students to be their best. 

BHS School Motto

#BOE "Brandon Over Everything" came from our first live Bulldog mascot "Boe". Since Boe there have been 2 additional dogs, Boe II and Bully. The Brandon Bulldogs are looking forward to the addition of Boe III soon. BOE is a significant part of the Bulldog culture as it is an indication of the dedication of Brandon students and staff to the school and community and the importance of service over everything else. 

Brandon High School is in the Top 10% of all high schools in Mississippi based on the Mississippi Accountability System

8th Largest School in Mississippi - 1,638 Students

BHS Class of 2021 Scholarship totals -  in excess of 11 Million

95% of 2021 Seniors will pursue a college degree

18 Seniors with a 30+ on the ACT

2 National Merit Finalists

36 Students with over 200 Service Hours

Senior Class Average ACT - 20.3

Caring and supportive staff and clerical - 171

Highly Qualified teachers - 120        

Administrators  -  6

Counselors -  4

Mental Health Therapist - 1

School Nurse - 1

CTE Coordinator - 1

9 Career Academies